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SEGmeter V2.0 Runout Sale segmeter_v2


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This is the SEGmeter V2 - its fully baked, ready to get some sensors, program, and start tracking down those electrons. This is a special SEGmeter, for a start its a SEGduino - that's right, and Arduino in a SEGmeter and it's been designed to work with a bunch of components which are part of the SEGmeter V2 range.

It's fully assembled, meaning we do all the tricky soldering work for you, and can be expanded to 16 channels with an optional expansion board, can support Zigbee via another expansion board and is designed to mate with the Dragino which is the platform for our new SEGbox!


  • 8 channels of 12 bit analog power waveform sampling. This means more precision and better measurement.
  • 3 relay controls which are capable of driving a high current relay contactor (available seperately)
  • Runs the Arduino Uno bootloader
  • Has Arduino interface header spaces ready to expand!
  • Power input is 5V DC supplied by a number of headers or an optional expansion board
  • Size is 115mm long, 90mm wide and 12mm high
  • Supports FTDI TTY serial programming interface for firmware flashing
  • Fits nicely inside the top of our Big Box!
  • 100% Compatable with SmartEnergyGroups.com


  • 1 x fully assembled SEGmeter V2 - 8 channel


  • Programming!  You will need to know your Arduino fu to roll your own or use our opensource code!
  • SEGbox or equivalent to collect the energy measurements or
  • Zigbee interface expansion to work with your zigbee network
  • Power supply


  • FTDI serial programming cable



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