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SEGrelay segrelay


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Control your electrons!

The SEGrelay - a heavy duty relay that will support up to 20Amps of 240V AC current per relay.  The perfect companion to our SEGmeter for a complete energy management and control solution.

This isn't one of those cheap 10 amp relays - this uses es quality Tyco solenoid contactors running a 12V coil voltage. 

The relay interfaces with SEGmeter at 12 volts, using a 6 pin cable and can be activated with the pushbuttons on the SEGmeter, or these can be broken out into nice LED backlit momentary switches.

The activation can be controlled by buttons on the relay or SEGmeter, and of course also be controlled in software by the SEGmeter and or remotely turned on and off via the Smart Energy Groups website!

It's also and Arduino Shield, allowing even more flexibility on how it's hooked up with your project to get things get switching.

...a word of caution, the utmost care is requires when working with mains voltages, but you know that already right :)



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