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SEGmeter V2.5 segmeter_v25


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This is the SEGmeter V2.5 the surface mount version!

Its fully baked, ready to get some sensors, program, and start tracking down those electrons. This is a special SEGmeter, for a start its a SEGduino - that's right, and Arduino in a SEGmeter and it's been designed to work with a bunch of components which are part of the SEGmeter V2 range.

It's fully assembled, ready to roll - and can be expanded to 16 channels with an optional expansion board.  It can support Zigbee designed to work seamlessly with the SEGbox V2.


  • 8 channels of 12 bit analog sampling, accurate and precise energy measurement.
  • 3 relay controls which are capable of driving the SEGrelay!
  • Runs the Arduino Uno bootloader
  • Has Arduino footprint, mix and match with other Arduino Shields!
  • Power input is 5V DC supplied by a number of headers or an optional expansion board
  • Size is 115mm long, 90mm wide and 12mm high
  • Supports FTDI TTL serial programming interface for firmware flashing
  • Fits nicely inside the top of our Big Box!
  • 100% Compatable with SmartEnergyGroups.com


  • 1 x fully assembled SEGmeter V2.5 - 8 channel


  • Sensors
  • Programming!  You will need to know your Arduino fu to roll your own or use our opensource code!
  • SEGbox or equivalent to collect the energy measurements or Zigbee something up.


  • FTDI serial programming cable



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