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Raw SEGmeter V1 PCB segmeter_v1_raw


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Energy in the raw

This is the raw SEGmeter v1.0 PCB for those who like a little more adventure. By itself, it won't do anything but look good, and you will need to find the necessary parts and make it the the way you want to, adapt the build to your needs or to do new stuff.

It's all about the freedom to make it your way!

Choose from the various kits available in our shop, or source your own parts. If you'd like a steer in the right direction, we'd suggest getting at least one of our Current Sensor kits and possibly one of our pre-configured Arduinos. These additions will save a fair bit of trial and error in hardware and software, leaving you to focus on other adventures.The PCB design uses through-hole components, with the exception of the optional 3.3V LM1117 voltage regulator (SOT-223 SMD package). This is only required to support the use of a Zigbee radio. Most components are 2.5mm (the Zigbee headers are 2.0mm).

This PCB is 100% compatible with smartenergygroups.com and supports various options, including the addition of:

  • Up to 6 channels of energy measurement
  • Temperature sensing using a DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • Switching reed relay to trigger a more powerful relay
  • Zigbee communications
  • Flashing lights, to let you know what's going on
  • Prototype area, to add your own stuff


  • Raw PCB: 100mm long x 85mm wide x 1.5mm high.
  • Populated PCB: 100mm long x 98mm wide x 28mm high (based on standard SEGshop kit parts)

This item includes:

  • 1 x SEGmeter v1.0 blank PCB

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